What are the features for which there is extra cost?

The shopping cart platform is covered in the yearly licensing cost paid by the shopping cart owner. For all the additional services, there is a charge expected by the service provider of the respective service. Here are some examples:

  • Payment Gateway: We allow cart owners to choose between various payment gateways to process Debit/Credit card transactions within India. Paypal is used for international transactions. These gateways take a charge for the process and that has to be paid for by the shopping cart owner.
  • Shipping: The logistics providers (eg. DHL/BlueDart/Aramex in India, FedEx/UPS/USPS in the US, etc) have a set of costs for using their services. This will be paid for by the shopping cart owners if they decide to use them.
  • SMS Notifications: Shopping Cart Owners may decide to enable the SMS to Customers feature and for this there is a fixed cost to be paid per SMS.
  • Advertising: Shopping Cart Owners may decide to enable advertising options for their website. This involves payments to other websites for displaying the ads, or to search engines like Google for showing the advertisement as a ‘Sponsored Ad’. There is a variable cost involved in this, the budget for this can be decided by the cart owners.

In general, we will guide the shopping cart owners on the right set of solutions based on their nature of business and the owners can decide if they want to use any of these services.

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