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Five Minutes Online Shopping Cart – Admin Tool Basics

This post explains the list of tasks to be completed by the cart administrator after you login to your shopping cart control panel.

Category, Sub Category and Product

All products in the 5M Cart are grouped under Categories and Sub Categories. In other words, each product belongs to a sub category which in turn belongs to a category.

Before you start, please spend a few minutes and understand the way your products can be logically grouped as categories and sub categories.

For example, if you wanted a online cart to sell cricket related items, the following could be the categories:
– Bats
– Balls
– Accessories
– Clothing
– Footwear

Sub Categories under the bats could be:
– English Willow
– Indian Willow
– Tennis Ball Cricket Bats

Quick Steps to publish products on 5M CART

Once you have decided on the category and sub category for each of your products, for each product do the following:

  1. Manage Category
  2. Manage Sub Category
  3. Manage Product
  4. Manage Inventory
  5. Go to Manage Settings – Business Settings and enter company name and GSTN details.
  6. Go to Manage Settings  – Manage Tax and setup the values for state as well as IGST/CGST/SGST for each %.
  7. Start Selling

As soon as you complete the above steps, the product will be displayed in the shopping cart for users to view and place orders.

Note: The first time you login as admin, you will see various sample categories, sub categories, products and inventory added for sample products to give you an idea of how the cart will appear. Feel free to remove them and continue.