How to generate GST Related Output from Five Minutes Cart

Please find below the steps required to setup the cart for generating GST related outputs (GSTR1A and GSTR3B) from the Five Minutes Cart Portal.

  1. Go to Manage Settings – Tax Settings and add the tax related details.
  2. Go to Manage Users – Vendors and add the new vendors for all services received.
  3. Go to Orders and Reports – Vendor Invoices and add the invoices received from vendors added in the previous step.
  4. Go to Manage Users – Registered Users and add the users to whom services were provided.
  5. Go to Orders and Reports – Offline Sale Invoices and add offline sale invoices for the users added in the previous step.
  6. Go to Orders and Reports – Reports and choose ‘GST Excel Downloads’ to generate the GST Excel Downloads.

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