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Web Franchisee on Five Minutes Platform – An Introduction

This topic is to provide an introduction to the concept of Five Minute Web Franchisees.

In conventional businesses, a product or brand can invite franchisees to sell their products based on a commission based incentive. The incentive is calculated based on the volume of sales done during a given period of time.

Similarly, in Five Minutes, we have a concept called Five Minute Web Franchisees, where you can become a Five Minute Web Franchisee, and sell products and services from across multiple carts in the Five Minutes platform, on your own website.

The advantage in Five Minutes is that once you bring in a customer, you get your commission for all purchases made by the customer in your cart, as well as any other Five Minutes cart across our platform, as long as you are a Five Minute web franchisee..

To become a Five Minute Web Franchisee, do the following:

  1. Sign up as a Five Minute Web Franchisee
  2. Select a set of products (remember to review their slabs to understand the commission you will get during a given period of time based on the volume of sales you bring in.)


How To Setup and Use Web Franchisee Related Modules in Five Minutes Cart


  1. Web Franchisees are people who would like to sell your products on their website for a commission defined by you. Five Minutes team will enable the web franchisees to setup the website and also choose the products.
  2. All products on web franchisee sites will be visible to their customers with the same selling price as visible on your cart. In other words, the cart admin decides the selling price of the products across their main cart as well as all the web franchisee carts.
  3. All payments will be handled by the Five Minutes system and after the product is delivered and confirmed, the payments will be ready for release in the web franchisee portal and the cart admin portal.

Enable Cart For Five Minute Web Franchisees:

  1. Login to cart admin portal and Go to Manage Settings – Manage WF Slabs and setup the slabs. This is the commission amount you would like to give your web franchisees based on the volume of sales they generate during a given period of your choice. (Eg. In 12 months period, if they make x amount, you are ready to give y amount as commission etc.)
  2. Go to Manage Settings – Franchisee Settings and change Franchise value to 1 to accept Five Minute Web Franchisee invitations.

Review and Accept/Reject Web Franchisees:

  1. Once web franchisees apply to sell your products, you will receive an email to approve/reject the same. The web franchisees will not be able to sell your products on their portal unless you approve them. This can be made by logging into your cart admin portal and choosing Manage Settings – Manage Web Franchisees.
  2. Once you approve your products will be visible in their websites. Once they start selling your products, you will receive the order notification exactly the same way you get when the products are sold directly from your site.


  1. You can monitor the transactions made by web franchisees from Orders and Reports – Manage Web Franchisee Transactions option in your cart admin portal.
  2. As soon as the product is delivered, the amount will be available in the cart admin portal as well as the web franchisee portal to be used for future purchases on the Five Minutes platform or for withdrawal.


How to generate GST Related Output from Five Minutes Cart

Please find below the steps required to setup the cart for generating GST related outputs (GSTR1A and GSTR3B) from the Five Minutes Cart Portal.

  1. Go to Manage Settings – Tax Settings and add the tax related details.
  2. Go to Manage Users – Vendors and add the new vendors for all services received.
  3. Go to Orders and Reports – Vendor Invoices and add the invoices received from vendors added in the previous step.
  4. Go to Manage Users – Registered Users and add the users to whom services were provided.
  5. Go to Orders and Reports – Offline Sale Invoices and add offline sale invoices for the users added in the previous step.
  6. Go to Orders and Reports – Reports and choose ‘GST Excel Downloads’ to generate the GST Excel Downloads.

Why do I not get the website source code in Five Minutes licensing model?

Sometimes we get asked this question, especially from clients who are used to paying money for developing their website.

Please find below the portion of the terms and conditions relevant to this topic:


Ownership of website content and ownership of website source code

Sellers own the content related to their products and they do not own anything else on the Five Minutes system.

Sellers are not buying a website from Five Minutes, instead sellers are signing up for a monthly/yearly service. Hence sellers do not own the website source code that is powering the system and hence are not allowed to download the Five Minutes software at any point in time and are only given the right to use the services.

Sellers will have the option to download their product details and the images at any time during their association with Five Minutes.

The Five Minutes products work in a SaaS (Software As A Service) model, where we provide the system available online for you to use. (Very similar to how Google provides Gmail service to you).

When you sign up or renew your account for a Five Minutes system, you are provided with a online platform to showcase your content.

A simple way to remember this, is when you sign up for a paid monthly/yearly email service with Gmail, you are not buying Gmail email software. You are only getting a license to use the Gmail engine to send and receive mails. You only own your mails and not their email software which is their IP. I am quite sure you cannot go to Google and ask them to give a copy of their email software for you to use 🙂

Shipping Information

The following article provides full details on the shipping and logistics information in the Five Minutes Shopping Cart

I Terminology: City, Metro and Region

  1. City: Any pincode in India is considered as a City
  2. Metro: The following cities are considered metros as their logistics network is strong:
    a. New Delhi
    b. Mumbai
    c. Chennai
    d. Kolkota
    e. Bengaluru
    f. Hyderabad
  3. Region: India is divided into five regions. These regions are:
    a. North
    b. East
    c. West
    d. South
    e. North East

II Delivery Circles (Circle of Delivery)

  1. Within-City: Pick-up from & delivery to within your own city
  2. Within-Region: Pick-up from & delivery to within your own region
  3. To-Different-Metro: From your City to any other metro
  4. To-Different-Region: From one region & delivery to another region
  5. North-East-India: From any of the four other regions & delivery to  north-east.

III Non-COD Delivery Costs
Circle of Delivery  – Cost per 500 Gms – Cost per every additional 500 gms)

      1. Within-City    40    41
      2. Within-Region    48   50
      3. To-Different-Metro    63   65
      4. To-Different-Region    75   80
      5. North-East-India    100    110

IV COD Delivery Costs
Circle of Delivery  – Cost per 500 Gms – Cost per every additional 500 gms)

        1. Within-City    48    50
        2. Within-Region    52   60
        3. To-Different-Metro    65   70
        4. To-Different-Region    85    90
        5. North-East-India    115    130

Additional COD Collection Costs    Rs 80 + 14% ST or 4% of invoice value (whichever is higher)

1. Delivery Costs for anything above 1 kg, will be calculated in per kg slab.
2. Delivery Costs include fuel surcharge as well as service tax.
3. When considering weight of the product for shipment, the actual weight is compared to the volumetric weight of the product, and the higher is chosen. Volumetric weight is calculated as: length*breadth*height (in cm)/5000.

V Volumetric Rates (Per KG)
Circle of Delivery    Cost per Kg
Within-City    60
Within-Region    80
To-Different-Metro    90
To-Different-Region    100
North-East-India    150
Additional COD Collection Costs    Rs 80 + 14% ST or 4% of invoice value (whichever is higher)

VI Serviceable Area Delivery and COD Coverage
For a list of serviceable pin-codes for Non-COD as well as COD delivery, please contact our support team.

VII Pick-up Facility
Pick-up service will be provided for FREE on all days, except Sunday.
On Saturdays, pick-up is provided for some regions only before cut-off time.
All pin-codes mentioned in the file have a pickup facility available
Sunday and Public Holiday Pick-up or Delivery Costs Rs. 120.

Cart Owner – Customization Request Process

We have defined a simple set of steps for all customization requests that come from our potential cart owners:

  1. Potential cart owners of Five Minutes Cart come up with customization requirement.
  2. Five Minutes development team studies the requirement and confirms if this will be useful for all the cart owners in our community and if it can be implemented.
  3. Five Minutes development team also prepares screenshots that is shown to the potential cart owner.
  4. Once the potential cart owner approves the screenshots, they can sign up for a yearly plan and becomes a cart owner. At this point, the customization work begins.
  5. When the customization work is completed, the cart owner reviews and signs off on the work. At this point, the changes go live on the cart owner’s site. This is when the annual billing cycle for the cart owner begins.

These customization changes will be implemented across the board for all the carts.

This process is in place to make sure we can handle those potential cart owners who  are genuinely interested in becoming proud users of our Five Minutes Shopping cart.

SMS Related Features in Five Minutes Shopping Cart

There are many SMS related features available in Five Minutes Shopping Cart. Some of them  are quite unique. This post gives a full list of all such features.

  1. SMS Notifications to Customers: This is a very useful functionality that can be added to any cart by the cart owner using which SMS notifications will be sent in addition to the customers besides the usual email notifications about the status of their orders. This can be enabled from your admin tool.
  2. SMS Updates from Cart Owners: Cart owners can send an SMS to our Five Minutes SMS number with the updates about their products, orders, etc and it  will automatically be stored in the system. This also mean that the administrators can manage their cart without having to touch a computer, just from the comfort of their mobile phones. This feature can be enabled from your admin tool.


Shopping Cart Owners Checklist Before Going Live

This post covers the basic checklist of items to be taken care of by shopping cart owners before they go live with their cart.

  • Domain Name: Cart owners have to decide the name of the domain they would like to have for their shopping cart. The availability of a domain name can be checked online by visiting and once a domain name is confirmed by the cart owners, it will be registered instantly by the Five Minutes system.
  • Payment Types: Cart owners have to decide the types of payments they would like to accept on the shopping cart and enable it using the ‘Manage Payment Types’ feature in the admin tool. The list of payment types supported are: Debit / Credit cards, bank transfer, cash on delivery, etc.
  • Shipping Options: Cart owners have the option to decide if they want to handle shipping using the system or handle it offline.  This can be handled using the ‘Manage Shipping Methods’ feature in the admin tool.

Once you are done with these, you can proceed with the next steps. The post about Admin Tool Basics will be the most useful to proceed from here. Click here to read the same.

What are the benefits of Yearly Plan over Monthly Plan?

There are quite a few differences between the monthly and the yearly plans.

The Monthly Plans do not include the following:

  1. Dedicated Domain Name does not come for free with the monthly plans. If you have a domain name that you already own, you can point it to your shopping cart in the monthly plan. If you do not have a domain name already, there will be an additional cost of Rs.780/- per year for registering the domain name for you.
  2. Mobile applications are not available with the monthly plans.
  3. Customization is not available on monthly plans. Customization involves developing custom themes based on the nature of your cart, your logo colors, etc. We have also customized some of the functionality for our yearly customers. (Eg. Allow each category to have its own administrator, send SMS to each category admin on order placement, allow admins to update cart using SMS, etc.)