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Cart Owner – Customization Request Process

We have defined a simple set of steps for all customization requests that come from our potential cart owners:

  1. Potential cart owners of Five Minutes Cart come up with customization requirement.
  2. Five Minutes development team studies the requirement and confirms if this will be useful for all the cart owners in our community and if it can be implemented.
  3. Five Minutes development team also prepares screenshots that is shown to the potential cart owner.
  4. Once the potential cart owner approves the screenshots, they can sign up for a yearly plan and becomes a cart owner. At this point, the customization work begins.
  5. When the customization work is completed, the cart owner reviews and signs off on the work. At this point, the changes go live on the cart owner’s site. This is when the annual billing cycle for the cart owner begins.

These customization changes will be implemented across the board for all the carts.

This process is in place to make sure we can handle those potential cart owners who  are genuinely interested in becoming proud users of our Five Minutes Shopping cart.

SMS Related Features in Five Minutes Shopping Cart

There are many SMS related features available in Five Minutes Shopping Cart. Some of them  are quite unique. This post gives a full list of all such features.

  1. SMS Notifications to Customers: This is a very useful functionality that can be added to any cart by the cart owner using which SMS notifications will be sent in addition to the customers besides the usual email notifications about the status of their orders. This can be enabled from your admin tool.
  2. SMS Updates from Cart Owners: Cart owners can send an SMS to our Five Minutes SMS number with the updates about their products, orders, etc and it  will automatically be stored in the system. This also mean that the administrators can manage their cart without having to touch a computer, just from the comfort of their mobile phones. This feature can be enabled from your admin tool.


Shopping Cart Owners Checklist Before Going Live

This post covers the basic checklist of items to be taken care of by shopping cart owners before they go live with their cart.

  • Domain Name: Cart owners have to decide the name of the domain they would like to have for their shopping cart. The availability of a domain name can be checked online by visiting and once a domain name is confirmed by the cart owners, it will be registered instantly by the Five Minutes system.
  • Payment Types: Cart owners have to decide the types of payments they would like to accept on the shopping cart and enable it using the ‘Manage Payment Types’ feature in the admin tool. The list of payment types supported are: Debit / Credit cards, bank transfer, cash on delivery, etc.
  • Shipping Options: Cart owners have the option to decide if they want to handle shipping using the system or handle it offline.  This can be handled using the ‘Manage Shipping Methods’ feature in the admin tool.

Once you are done with these, you can proceed with the next steps. The post about Admin Tool Basics will be the most useful to proceed from here. Click here to read the same.