Why do I not get the website source code in Five Minutes licensing model?

Sometimes we get asked this question, especially from clients who are used to paying money for developing their website.

Please find below the portion of the terms and conditions relevant to this topic:


Ownership of website content and ownership of website source code

Sellers own the content related to their products and they do not own anything else on the Five Minutes system.

Sellers are not buying a website from Five Minutes, instead sellers are signing up for a monthly/yearly service. Hence sellers do not own the website source code that is powering the system and hence are not allowed to download the Five Minutes software at any point in time and are only given the right to use the services.

Sellers will have the option to download their product details and the images at any time during their association with Five Minutes.

The Five Minutes products work in a SaaS (Software As A Service) model, where we provide the system available online for you to use. (Very similar to how Google provides Gmail service to you).

When you sign up or renew your account for a Five Minutes system, you are provided with a online platform to showcase your content.

A simple way to remember this, is when you sign up for a paid monthly/yearly email service with Gmail, you are not buying Gmail email software. You are only getting a license to use the Gmail engine to send and receive mails. You only own your mails and not their email software which is their IP. I am quite sure you cannot go to Google and ask them to give a copy of their email software for you to use 🙂

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